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Previous to the semester of 2019 the Urban Trigger Group were contacted by Fauske Municipality with the hopes of making a collaborative project on how Fauske might could be developed, which possibilities that were present but maybe hidden, and how they could approach the times and changes to come. Therefore, the assignment of 2019 was to take a closer look into Fauske and see – what are the possibilities? 

The final project can be found on the following website: 

In addition, two booklets were made as a way of introducing the viewer to the project:


The Urban Triggers course of autumn 2018 was stationed in Trondheim, with the ongoing campus development and co-location of Gløshaugen/Dragvoll as a backdrop. The whole studio worked together as a group and took on the task of exploring which possibilities that can be found in Trondheim being a university city. The project ended up as a webpage in the final delivery.
See the project here:  SURPLUS


Recorded presentation from 2018:
Active, inclusive, sustainable


Group 1: Courtyard Living
Group 2: Hou Wei Care
Group 3: Jiè

The Urban Trigger course (AAR4540) of 2015 was held in Xi’an, China. All three groups chose to work with a village in the outskirts of Xi’an called Hou Wei Zhai. The village lies in an area called Xi-Xian, which is a major future development zone. The village is not an urban village, nor is it a rural village; it lies somewhere in between.

The three groups had different scopes. Group 1 worked on the courtyard typology, and compared the density of the village to the density of highrise projects. Group 2 worked on the household economy of the village, looking for strings to pull in order to secure future development. Group 3 worked on a strategy for the transition zone between the village and the surrounding areas, aiming to preserve and distribute the “embedded time” of the village.

The project delivery was two parted:
1: A book chapter, presenting the most comprehensive version of the project.
2: A website, presenting a more graphical and easy to read version of the project. the websites were required to work on both desktop and mobile platforms.


Link: Projects of 2013

Recorded presentation from 2018: 
It takes a village


Link: Projects of 2012

Recorded presentation from 2018:
Urban Village 2.0


“Looptopia” by Mads Nermo & Jostein Breines (2012)
See website (requires flash) 
Download complete thesis from NTNU Open

“Protokoop” by Astri Margareta Dalseide & Tomas Aassved Hjort (2014)
Download complete thesis from NTNU Open

“123.Z / Nidelva” by Per-Leif Bersvendsen & Ragnhild Pedersen Foss (2014)
See thesis information at NTNU Open

“Neste stasjon: Larvik” by Thao Nguyen & Tarjei Ekelund (2014)
Download complete thesis from NTNU Open

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