The students' housing situation

A description of the current housing situation facing most students in Norway.


More student loan will not help

"If the students get more money to spend, the housing prices will increase. Then we are back at where we started".


Housing scammers in Trondheim

"In a pressed housing market it gets easier and easier for scammers to take advantage of the students' lack of time and alternatives".


Bad renting conditions for students

"Many pay unreasonable sums for low-standard housing, and in addition, there are several questionable leases".


Landowners have free rein

The municipality struggles to deal with the situation. SiT claims that stronger regulations must take place.


National student housing
coverage: 14,6%

NSO's goal is 20%. The survey shows that students are a highly exposed group on the housing market. Numbers based on housing distributed through student organizations.


More people, higher prices and tougher to get loans

From 2009 to next year Norway will have experienced an increase of 33,000 more students. This year, Trondheim receives 7000 new students, and they are faced with a tough rental market. Statistics Norway reports a monthly average rent of NOK 6,923 in the capital of Trønder. At the same time, market prices from show that the average price for a room in public has increased by 11.9 per cent compared with the same period as last year.Increasing equity requirements to 15 percent has only reinforced the problem for those without housing, since homeowners can use their home as collateral to buy more, rent and earn even more deductions.