Have been waiting for ten years for a gathering centre for innovation

The pace of innovation is too low and does not reflect the potensial that lies at NTNU. There are several potential investors in the area.



"The Innovation Centre is equally important to the city as to NTNU"

"We have 500 companies and 10,000 employees in this sector today. The project will have as big impact on Trondheim as on NTNU. B. Rian from Næringsforeningen Trondheimsregionen has the intention of Trondheim being the world's best on commercializing technology".




NTNU with controversial choices for innovation

ALl start-ups may join NTNU Accel, an incubator for innovation. The company will develop businesses created at NTNU and SINTEF. Start-ups pay 3500kr/month for supervising and office spaces".